REVIEW: BEATLES' BIG NIGHT OUT! 1963, 1964, 1965 (MC Label)

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REVIEW: BEATLES' BIG NIGHT OUT! 1963, 1964, 1965 (MC Label)

Postby Beatle Bob » Wed Aug 19, 2009 4:08 pm

REVIEW: BEATLES’ BIG NIGHT OUT! 1963, 1964, & 1965 (MCCD-125/126/127) 1 CD/2 DVDs ... es-big.htm

By Beatle Bob

As part of their continuing “Live Chronicle Series”, Misterclaudel has issued a 1 CD/2 DVD set comprised of all available elements from video and audio sources, of the Beatles’ appearances on Big Night Out, and Blackpool Night Out shows in 1963, 1964 and 1965. It’s issued in fatboy jewel case that holds up to 4 discs, and as expected an insert with detailed liner notes pertaining to the shows, ie; recording dates, air dates and songs performed. On the backside are short liners notes for each venue these were recorded at. The backside of the artwork that lists each discs contents has a foil stamp “Genuine Disc, presented by misterclaudel”. I guess an ironic touch to ward off bootleggers.

Disc #1 (CD) contains:

Blackpool Night Out 1964: (Source A) opening theme, A Hard Day’s Night, Things We Said Today, You Can’t To That, If I Fell, Long Tall Sally (incomplete) (Source B): A Hard Day’s Night (incomplete), Things We Said Today, You Can’t Do That, If I Fell, Long Tall Sally (Source C) opening table sketch (Source D) If I Fell. Blackpool Night Out 1965: (Source A) Introduction, If Feel Fine, I’m Down, Act Naturally, Ticket To Ride, Yesterday, Help! closing theme (Can’t Buy Me Love) (Source B) chat Ringo, I Feel Fine, I’m Down, Act Naturally, Ticket To Ride, Yesterday, Help! closing theme (Source C) I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

The in-line source from the missing video for Blackpool Night Out 1964 (source A)is the same tape that’s been out for a few years now. “Long Tall Sally” still cuts off midway. Though it’s still one of the clearest tapes ever of a Beatlemania era performance that isn’t overshadowed by the shrill screaming of the female fans. Fidelity is very good but I find the audio on the Beat label Anthology Songtrack set is preferable. This feels so slightly compressed. But if you don’t have it elsewhere, you’d really never notice. Source B is the off-line audio that has been available for many, many years but offers a complete “Long Tall Sally”. Source C gives you the opening “table sketch”. Source D is an alternate source for “If I Fell” that’s almost up to the quality of Source A.

The 2nd set of audio surrounds the Beatles’ Blackpool Night Out 1965 show from two difference sources. Source A and Source B both taken from the DVD included in this set. Source A tends to be slightly less boomy than Source B, and is of Anthology quality. They just needed to only include the first source, as Source B is redundant. I also like they included the closing theme done by the show’s orchestra of “Cant Buy Me Love” (on the DVD you get to see the Beatles dance on stage with the show girls while the credits roll).

Disc #2 (DVD) contains:

Big Night Out 1963: The complete show with original audio and remastered audio: From Me To You (short version), She Loves You, I Saw Her Standing There (lip-synced performances)

What’s notable here is it is the complete show that includes other guest performers -- which puts the show and the early 60’s in the UK into a better perspective. Though I tend to skip right through these other performers and head right to the Beatles! The audio is a bit shaky here and kind of quivers. The “remastered” audio option is just the stereo record version of these songs and sounds wonderful -- but it doesn’t work for me as they originally lip-synced with open mikes on the audience, so there are girls screaming making it more believable. The remastered audio lacks the audience screams and feels fake. At least you have the option of not using the “remastered audio” selection.

Big Night Out 1964 includes two sources: Source A, film version (Kinescope) and Source B, video version: Comedy sketches, All My Loving, Till There Was You (short version), Please Mister Postman, I Want To Hold Your Hand. Also offered is an alternate audio “remastered source) being they also lip-synced this performance.

Source A is a very nice and clean kinescope of this performance. I get a kick out of watching Paul screw up and forgetting the record version has his yelps and screams on “I Wanna Be Your Man” and cracks up and looks at George as they come out of the guitar solo. Hey, they’re only human! Source B is from a glitchy video. One in which I never knew existed. Boy, if only Misterclaudel could get a hold of a better source closer to the first generation tape! This is one source I’ve never known about, so it’s a nice addition to my collection. Last is a Big Night Out ITV news film rounding things out for this show. Yeah I did enjoy the sketches too, but it's the musical performances by the Beatles which I'm interested in most.

Disc # 2 (DVD) Contains:

Blackpool Night Out 1965: TCR version, no TCR version and a composed version: Intro, I Feel Fine, I’m Down, Act Naturally, Ticket To Ride, Yesterday, Help, Closing Theme.

This one’s a live performance and if I’m correct, their last live appearance on TV in England until the NME ’66 show. The Beatles premiered “Yesterday” sung live by Paul. “Opportunity knocks”, says George when introducing Paul. Classic. It’s a top notch performance by the Fabs but I find it falls a bit flat as the audience seems not to be made up entirely of Beatles fans. For me, I prefer the identical set list done on the Sullivian show. There seems to be a bit more of spark with louder screaming girls. Then again, what’s available for this BNO show is from kinescope and could benefit (like the Sullivan show), if we had a video source. But, no matter, The TCR version is excellent. I enjoyed most, the composed version that wipes the TCR out…not perfectly, but done well enough to suffice and be the version of preference when viewing this disc.

The disc also has a bonus feature previewing upcoming Misterclaudel releases.

This is a must have as it puts together all available Big Night Out and Blackpool Night Out audio and video elements into one nice, tight, complete package. For me it’s essential and I highly recommend acquiring this nice set.

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