Fantastic New Lennon Book You Must See!

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Fantastic New Lennon Book You Must See!

Postby wildlife74 » Sat Aug 30, 2008 11:00 am

Hey everyone,

I've been reading this great new book on John Lennon from the personal perspective of one of his friends and musicians, Tony Davilio who worked with him through the years and the recording of 'Double Fantasy'.

It paints a great picture of John, Yoko and this time period with some funny and rare insightful stories, that will seem surprising, that was written with great care from the heart.

Lennon fans and Beatle fans will embrace this book as a fine representation of John as not only the great musician he was, but also as the great guy he was.

I loved this book and you should check it out and add it to your collection....

here's the website--
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