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penny laine &...

Postby mr h atom » Wed Aug 04, 2010 7:18 am

so, being only slightly beatley-related: my brother & his wife brought forth my newest niece 3 weeks ago...and named her penelope laine...penny, for short. their first is named abigail rose...abby, for short: my baby brother is a far bigger beatle fan than i...

while in atlanta last week, i had the absolute pleasure to see a beatle cover band.
the band is called 'please please rock me' and it was by far the most invigorating and interesting beatle cover group i've seen.
the group, an off-shoot of a popular area band that specializes in '70's-'80's music, performs once a month at a small bar down in the peactree area.

they do not dress up in beatley costumes, they do not try to sound 'english'..they just play the songs, and they do it very well.
they mixed in solo songs (jet, the wah wah song, instant kharma) along with a wide range of songs.
they also are completely unafraid to switch up the 'sound' by doing a 'cover version' of a beatle song, as opposed to a straight version.
they also had 8-9 band members, and kept switching up who would sing: who would lead depended on whether their voice more closely matched the originals vocals..and had an everpresent horn section (note aside: that beat the living crap out of..AHEM.. NOT having a horn section...!)...furthermore, they announced that on sept 29, they will do 'sgt' pepper's" in it's entirety.
if you're ever in the area (they seem to be there the last wednesday of each month), i cannot recommend them more highly.
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Re: penny laine &...

Postby chris » Wed Aug 04, 2010 4:56 pm

Just loved those names, h. And if I weren't so old and shrivelled (that's a mental image I'm going to be sorry for) and I had new rugrats to look forward to...I would be inspired to do something just like it.
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