McCartney Eyes One Last Beatles Song

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McCartney Eyes One Last Beatles Song

Postby I am the Paulrus » Wed Jan 03, 2007 2:47 pm

McCartney Eyes One Last Beatles Song

Wednesday January 3, 2007

By WENN ... -song.html

Sir Paul Mccartney is planning to reunite with his late Beatles bandmate John Lennon and finish an unreleased track the pair sang together.

The Fab Four abandoned Now And Then during their prime. McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr tried to resurrect the track when they put together their Beatles Anthology albums ten years ago, but guitarist Harrison claimed it was not good enough.

But McCartney wants to go back and finish the job.

A source tells newspaper the Daily Express, "It has always niggled a bit with Paul that they didn't finish Now And Then.

"While George wasn't keen, Paul always though the song had a lot of potential. He is now hoping to complete it after all, with him singing the harmonies to John's lead vocal. It would obviously be very moving to hear the pair of them singing together one last time."

McCartney himself recently said of the song, "It needed a bit of reworking but it had a beautiful verse."

Paul McCartney recently shed some light on one of the unfinished mid-'90s Beatles reunion tracks that was left unreleased.

Macca spoke to Britain's Q magazine about the unreleased John Lennon song, titled "Now And Then," explaining that, "There was one more that we didn't do (for The Beatles Anthology), which was a pity. It didn't have a very good title, it needed a bit of reworking, but it had a beautiful verse and it had John singing it. But George (Harrison) didn't wanna do it. The best thing about it all was to work with John again. Hearing him in the headphones, it was like he was in the next room -- '****, I'm singing harmony with John.' It's like an impossible dream."

We asked Harrison's widow Olivia Harrison how she feels about any unfinished Beatles Anthology reunion songs being released: "Well, I don't know that much about it. But I know that if they thought something wasn't good enough then that's probably the reason no one's heard it. You know, if they never got around to it -- sometimes that's it, time runs out."

The then-surviving Beatles, McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, dubbed "The Threetles" by the British press, spent four sessions between February 1994 and March 1995 attempting to flesh out "Now And Then" along with the eventually released reunion songs "Free As A Bird," and "Real Love." The songs were recorded at Macca's home studio, The Mill, in Sussex, England with producer and ELO co-founder Jeff Lynne.

The trio eventually abandoned the track, due in large part to a persistent buzz found on the demo tape that couldn't be erased. Lennon's demo for "Now And Then" -- also known as "I Don't Want To Lose You" -- has been available on the underground circuit for years.

In May 1995, the group allegedly started work an all-new McCartney-Harrison collaboration called "All For Love," which also remains unreleased.

In October 2005, Lennon's widow Yoko Ono talked about a further "electronic" Beatles reunion using the unfinished Lennon track. She explained to The Washington Post that, "I sent those songs to them when the situation was quite different. Now that George is gone, I don't know if the same would apply."

The Beatles' reunion single "Free As A Bird" peaked at Number Six in 1995, with the group's second reunion single "Real Love" topping out at Number 11 in 1996.
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Postby ANGRY » Thu Jan 04, 2007 2:46 am

i know this first part is off the beaten track but, bear with me: i was watching a PBS show about annie leibovitz, and, in it, they're interviewing yoko, about the infamous RS cover, done hours before JL was shot....

to watch yoko, as she describes was a very emotional, yet small moment..and it completely blew my mind...

i think i'm in need of a re-interpretation of the jl/yo was clear to me, even after all these years, that she is still haunted by the loss...people move on, she should be allowed to as well...

if she thought the song could be saved, and paul still feels that strongly, too, so be it..who the heck are we to mess with them...

nothing is static, people...

'love' worked well, i thought 'FAAB' and 'RL' worked very well, too..

i'll trust paul....and yoko....
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Postby Genuine_Indian_Guru » Thu Jan 04, 2007 10:33 am

Excellant point in which I completely agree.
If the truth be known I wanna hear anything that's ever to be touched by Beatle hands, Regardless if it's pure gold or less than steller.
Put it out what the hell!

What I really wanna hear though is the song Paul and George had written during the anthology sessions.
I go back so far... I'm in front of me!
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Postby EddieV » Thu Jan 04, 2007 11:07 am

He has the chance to record it now when George is dead
Now junior behave yourself
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