transcript of macca webchat sept. 18

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transcript of macca webchat sept. 18

Postby bianca_macca » Thu Sep 18, 2003 2:39 pm

This web chat was great! Paul didn't answer my questions and I knew most the things he said, but it was still great!
I have the transcript here for those interested (and I made the most surprising/important things purple):

Paul_McCartney_Live says: Greetings folks in cyber space around the world!!

DishDiva says: Paul, are you excited about the special on A&E tonight!

Paul_McCartney_Live says: Yeah, I'm very exciting, I only wish I could be in the states to watch it.

DishDiva says: Let's see what the audience has to say!

i_am_tori_in_texas in Onstage_1 asks: Hi Paul! Great seeing you in the US - did the 100,000 Russian fans in Red Square sing along with all the songs as we did in the US? Best of love to you

Paul_McCartney_Live says: Thanks for your question, Tori. Yeah, they sure did, in fact many of the Russians later told us they learned English by listening to our songs so they sang along with gusto.

somethingtohidee in Onstage_1 asks: Please tell us why performing at Red Square was important to you.

Paul_McCartney_Live says: There had been much talk of playing there and during this last tour we had the oppotuniy to play there. For me to have the opporutnity to play behind what was once the Iron Curtain and to meet the people and see the country was very exciting.
Paul_McCartney_Live says: We first went to St. Petersburg and had fun looking around. Heather and I had a bike ride in a park and then after that visit, which was during their 300 year birthday celebration, we marched on Moscow and had one heck of a time there.

Lill_McGill in Onstage_1 asks: (Mpls, MN) Paul, I'd imagine it must've been very emotional for both you and your Russian fans at your concert. Will you share how you feel you were received by the Russian people? (musically & artistically)

Paul_McCartney_Live says: Lill, the Russian culture has a great reputation, many great musicians came out of Russia so the fact that they love my music, Beatles music, and Wings music is very lovely for me and I'm very proud of it. So to actually be there in that country with the
Paul_McCartney_Live says: Russian people was very emotional and to realize they knew our songs as well as many audiences and wanted to join in and share the emo
Paul_McCartney_Live says: emotion was a great moment for me and for everybody on our crew.

Wednesday5150 in Onstage_1 asks: How different was it to play a show in Russia in comparison to your recent U.S. and European shows?

Paul_McCartney_Live says: The difficulty in playing in any country that isn't English speaking, I try and learn some of the language which is fun but sometimes difficult. The other thing is that you have to think about what you're saying. Whereas in English speaking countries you
Paul_McCartney_Live says: can just goof off the top of your head. However I did learn some Russian places including, "Priviet ribyata." Which I was encouraged to say which means "Hi, guys!"

Alex_Bogaevsky in Onstage_1 asks: Hello Paul. Thanks for the great show in Moscow! Do you have plans to visit Russia with live concert in the future?

Paul_McCartney_Live says: Greetings Moscow! I would love to come back to Russia. At the moment I'm not planning any concerts before the end of next year as I haven't planned a tour I don't know where we'd be going. But we had such fun on the last tour that I would love to revisit
Paul_McCartney_Live says: all the places we played, and that includes Moscow.

DishDiva says: For more on Paul McCartney visit his official site at and MSN Music at

Peasmarsh642 in Onstage_1 asks:When Moscow concert will be on DVD?

Paul_McCartney_Live says: Because it's going to be on TV first I'm holding off on putting together the DVD as I would like it to be a major TV event around the world. However once we've done that, I would love to take up some of the offers we've already had to make a DVD out of
Paul_McCartney_Live says: the show. This will also mean that we can take some time to put together all of the exciting extras you can get on a DVD. So I would estimate sometime next year.DishDiva says: You can see Paul's special tonight on A&E! Check your local listings!

RichardTurkJr in Onstage_1 asks: Did Mr. Gorbechov seem to enjoy himself as much as we did last year?

Paul_McCartney_Live says: Yeah, Mr. Gorbechov is a great guy. I met him before at an award ceremony on Germany so I already knew he was a great guy with a rare sense of humor. Anyone that gets a chance to watch the Red Square special tonight will see the meeting between him and me
Paul_McCartney_Live says: in the dressing room back stage. He brought his daughter and her husband and I understand that he really loved the concert. He brought a copy of his book that he'd signed to me and a book of his wife's for Heather and a bouquet of Lilly of the Valley,
Paul_McCartney_Live says: specially picked that day from his garden, so he's quite some dude.

DishDiva says: Do you know why lily of valley? Is it a flower of Russia?

Paul_McCartney_Live says: I don't know why actually, it's one of his favorites, it's also one of my favorites. And it was a particular favorite of Linda's. I don't know if he knew about that or if it was a stroke of good luck.

graciela1125 in Onstage_1 asks: What was your most moving part of this concert we will see tonight in the US!

Paul_McCartney_Live says: I think probably the most moving part was playing "Back in the U.S.S.R." and finally realizing after having written the song so many years ago, here I was with my band and friends on the tour actually in Red Square singing what is almost a Russian
Paul_McCartney_Live says: national anthem to a crowd of mainly Russians, which included many Moscow girls who also preacher in the lyrics and the looks on their faces was amazing.

DishDiva says: That moment must have been a moment in a lifetime.

Paul_McCartney_Live says: I knew I would sing it and I knew there would be a reaction, but as I sang about Moscow girls and looked out and saw that there they were and how much it meant to them, it was very emotional indeed.

RocknJeep_Girl in Onstage_1 asks: Hi Paul, what impressed you most about visiting Russia after all these years?

Paul_McCartney_Live says: I think many people, particularly in the west don't realize what a beautiful country Russia is. When I was a kid we used to think of it in black and white, I almost expected the place to be gray, but in actual fact the two cities we visited St. Petersburg
Paul_McCartney_Live says: and Moscow are very beautiful cities with great arcitecture and history. Also the Russian people are very friendly and big fans of my music so I couldn't help but fall for them.

Hofner4 in Onstage_1 asks: Hi Paul, David from Holland here. I think I read somewhere that a book will be published about the recent Back in the World tour. Is it true and will I be in it

Paul_McCartney_Live says: Greetings Holland, all you little Dutchies. I just had a meeting today actually about the book that we are producing which covers our memories, on stage, on the road, back stage, and off road, during the "Back To The World" tour and "Driving U.S.A." and
Paul_McCartney_Live says: I think it's going to be a pretty exciting book. Not only for fans, but for those of us who were lucky enough to be on the tour, it will be a great reminder of the wonderful time we had.
SmilyBeatliestLisa in Onstage_1 asks: Media, PA, USA: Was the excitement of your performance in Red Square akin to some of your original performances at the height of Beatlemania in the 60's?

Paul_McCartney_Live says: You know, many of the gigs we played on this last tour had an intensity that reminded me of Beatle shows. The warmth that was feeding back and the intensity of feeling was reminiscent of the 60's and it's audiences. America, Mexico, Japan, many places in
Paul_McCartney_Live says: Europe were fantastic for that and finally last night in Liverpool, they were all great!

goody1shoe in Onstage_1 asks: Was it difficult to find vegetarian meals in Russia?

Paul_McCartney_Live says: You know, it wasn't. It's surprising now, but most of the places you go in the world, we find it quite easy to order good vegitarian food. Heather and I went out on a date in St. Petersburg and found a really cool little restuarant that wasn't packed and
Paul_McCartney_Live says: we picked our way through the menu and chose all the tasty, meat free dishes and came away full and very happy.

TarunDavid in Onstage_1 asks: From New York! Hi Paul! What was it like giving President Putin a private performance in the Kremlin?

Paul_McCartney_Live says: Hi Dave, and hi everybody in New York. It was very special, we arrived at the Kremlin greeted by a very Russian looking general and went through many coriders. We had a press call but eventually found ourselves alone with Mr. Putin. I asked him if he was
Paul_McCartney_Live says: going to the show and as there seemed to be some doubt to whether he could make it, I went to the grand piano that was in the corner of the state room we were in and said, "Well then, I had better play you a tune then." The I proceeded to play a nerve
Paul_McCartney_Live says: racking rendition of "Let it Be" and he applauded at the end.

claire278473 in Onstage_1 asks: Hi Paul, did performing in Red Square give you a new appreciation for freedom?

Paul_McCartney_Live says: It certainly did. It's a funny thing to think that when a lot of us my age were growing up Russian people couldn't leave their country. And now that the government is much freer, many of them can do and say things that would have been forbidden in the
Paul_McCartney_Live says: past. So when we saw that we realized how lucky we are to have been raised in a free country and enjoy feedom of expression. It's great that the Russians now can enjoy it and be proud of the government and the people that have brought it to them.
Paul_McCartney_Live says: It certainly made me appreciate freedom all over again.

estarkowicz in Onstage_1 asks: Hello Paul, when is the new album anticipated to be released?

Paul_McCartney_Live says: I've just started work on a new album and I'm taking it really easy and not in any hurry to get it finished. Particularly with our new arrival on the way, so I don't expect to finish the album until next year some time. Which will give me plenty of time
Paul_McCartney_Live says: to write material because I want to make a great album that we'll be able to take on the road and play for all the lovely fans who supported us last time out.DishDiva says: From all of yours fans from around the world and all of us here at MSN Entertainment, congratulations to you and Heather on the new sunshine in your lives!

Paul_McCartney_Live says: I'd like to finish with a message of thanks for everyone calling in and to say how grateful Heather and I, and the band, and all our colliges are for your support and good wishes. I'd like to thank everyone that has called in from the U.S.A, Germany,
Paul_McCartney_Live says: Japan, Russia, the good old U.K, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Australia, and bonnie Scotland, love to all.
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