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Postby Helter Skelter » Mon Sep 08, 2003 5:56 am

well.. the only band that is a four piece where everybody is in the front is Kiss. At least when the original members are together.

Then we have bands with lead singers where the other members is in the front too. The Stones and The Who comes to mind (even if Entwistle wasn´t very visual on stage you certanly heard him [:D]..)

well, Zeppelin comes to mind too but John Paul Jones was always in the background anyway so..
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Postby Ghavi » Fri Sep 12, 2003 3:08 pm

Anyone can tell me what is the name of the oasis drummer ??? Anyone can tell me the last name of the Colplay bass player or the name of the radiohead guitar player`s wife ???
Nobody cares,,, its only good music, some good tunes...
We cannot talk about the impacts of the beatles if they came out in the 90^` because all the music from the 60` on is all full of beatles influences, remember they were the first in make an ALBUM that is not a compliate of songs like all the artist does till that days (a cople of hit songs and some other to complete the album)....
the made concep albums (SPLHCB, MMT, WA, LIB) etc...
They innovate in the way of play, the way of usa instruments in the songs... D you think that could be bands like Radiohead if Lennon doesent came out with the Tommorrow Never Know idea ??? Or bands like oasis if Albums like Rubber Soul or Revolver does not exist ??? And dont forget the way to compose song...
Nevermind, nobody ever cares or understand my points of wiev...[V]
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