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Postby Mike » Thu Dec 19, 2002 10:55 am

WOW everyone out there! It’s so exciting to have the Secret Website flying across the airwaves to you. We’ve got it up and running in London and are really pleased with the way it has come out, the quality looks good, the band sounds cool and we are all really happy to be able to bring this extra value for your money.

Let us know just how cooooooooooooooooool you think it is. The technology is so exciting to be able give you the DVD of the tour and at the same time give you this secret little bonus.

Keep on rocking out there. Let us know what you think of our jolly little Xmas package and make sure you have yourselves the merriest of Xmas’s.

Love from


P.s. The band sends their love and so does Heather.
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