the mccartney/colbert show

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Re: the mccartney/colbert show

Postby Jeremy K2 » Mon Jun 24, 2013 1:09 am

Hi again

Please fellow fans do not think I'm Paul bashing. I never have and never will.

My point is that the public however may not be so kind if his voice was too deteriorate (which no human can avoid) much more.
I do not want to see him being degraded in the future that's all my point really is and that that will require difficult future judgements and decisions.

Yes his voices sounds okay for a 70 year old. But you could argue that a person's voice sounds good for a 90 year old - that
doesn't mean I would like to hear it.

Just like politics, you need to know when to go and when to change gear or direction or approach.
This is never easy for any indivudual to make especially when you are a musical giant!

Cheerio :-h
Jeremy K2
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Re: the mccartney/colbert show

Postby Girl4Beats » Sun Jul 07, 2013 10:08 am

Paul needs to rest his voice. Back then, he was singing everywhere and his voice showed it. This time around, he is resting it between concerts. At least I HOPE he is resting it. HIs voice sounded rough and ragged because he is getting up there in years and he uses it too much.

Paul Honey, you sound fine. Just rest the vocal chords for a few days between gigs and you will do fine.
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