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Postby mi » Thu Jul 05, 2012 5:05 am

chris wrote:i actually agree with you, ef...and i agree with mi as well. however, i have to admit...i do not now, nor have i ever, really, felt threatened...really my normal safe suburban lifestyle. maybe i don't know in which manner i would act til i'm in that predicament myself. and i hope to never find out.

mi has been posting for a while now. and i can't begin to pretend what it would be like facing danger (or even the possibilty of it) on a daily basis. but i know mi has not lost her sense of humor, her sense of family, her sense of wonder, and her love of great music in spite of some of the things she's been thru. i can only hope i would respond as well as she.

Yeah, well :oops: :smile: ... I can't say I've ever been through anything real dangerous - though I might as well have. In fact, a couple of years ago there was a suicide bomber attack in a shopping mall right near my house - I heard the explosion, the windows were rattling... and I could easily have been there, I used to pass there almost every day. So yes, there is an element of some insecurity but, like I always told you, life here in general is just as normal as any other place (well, almost anyway...), you just have to go on living a normal life.

In fact, even if I had been in the mall at the time, most likely nothing would have happened to me. You see, the security guard spotted the suicide bomber right at the entrance and suspected him. He went to try and stop him, so the bomber just blew himself right there at the entrance, blowing the security guard to pieces with him... that wasn't his intention, he intended to get inside where all the shops and restaurants are, and children running around everywhere -I shudder to think what could have happened, but the security guard sucrfised himself, to save to lives of who knows how many people... :salute
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