My Ringo Experience

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My Ringo Experience

Postby fLaMiNg PiE » Wed Oct 31, 2007 9:43 pm

Hi all, as you see, I'm fairly new here. I figured I would share my Ringo story with you...

During Ringo's 2006 tour he made a stop at a local venue, PNC Bank Arts Center here in NJ. Through a personal contact, a friend of mine and myself were able to get backstage passes. We showed up at the venue around 3.00 or so, don't remember exactly.. just early enough where we thought we would run into Ringo and company. Well, about a half hour later the band started arriving and I had the honor of talking with Hamish Stuart (cool, right?) and Edgar Winter. That was great, but about an hour after I arrived, Ringo the man showed up. I was backstage, or below stage in this venue's case, just waiting to see when he'd pass, when all of a sudden he was right on top of me, bouncing around with his cap and Aerosmith t shirt, seemingly lost. Well, wouldn't you know it, he asked me where the stairs to the stage was! After I managed to point in the direction of the stairs and manage something that probably sounded like "theeeeee.." he then invited me and my friend to join him! So, upstairs we went, joining Ringo, Hamish, Edgar Winter, and Rod Argent in the break room to mingle. Have to say, up until that point, it was definitely the greatest day of my life. See the Macca section for the other "greatest day of my life."
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