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Born to boogie

Postby bojoriding » Tue Nov 16, 2004 8:56 am

I just saw the film Born to Boogie, featuring Marc Bolan and directed by Ringo Starr, on Swedish television (!), and it was a BIG surprise. It´s a fantastic movie with great spirit from 1972. Ringo has done a great job producing and directing it, and he is also participating jamming with T.Rex and Elton John, and doing some comic scenes with Marc Bolan. As far as I have understood this movie was a total flop when it came out (does anyone remember?, but has now become a cult movie and is considered an important historical rock´n´roll document. It would be interesting to hear if anyone has any comments of any kind, and most of all: does anybody know if it is available on dvd?
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Postby Berkeleyan » Wed Nov 17, 2004 6:29 am

Hello from Brazil - I've been to your Country during Summer of 2002 and enjoyed it a lot ! I was in Gothemborg and Helsingborg (I hope I got the names down right).

Anyway, "Born to Boogie" is fun to watch. I've seen bits of it long ago, at a friend's house in the USA. I ask the same question of yours: I wonder if there's a DVD. I guess there's got to be a VHS tape, though.

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