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Postby piggies » Wed Aug 02, 2006 8:52 pm

I'm a big fan of George Harrison's wonderful compositions. However, I hardly hear someone talking about Extra Texture in a positive way.

In my opinion, in ET you can find wonderful spiritual music. I listen to it when i want to sit down and relax.

This is my rating;

1.- YOU.- 8; Nice drumming!
2.- THE ANSWER'S AT THE END.- 9; I love the change of scales in "Don't be so hard on the ones that you love".
3.-THIS GUITAR(Can´t keep from crying).-7;I like the guitar strumming...chn chn chn!
4.-Ooh Baby (You know I love you).- 9, This song is so lovely Nice base solo!
5.-World Of Stone.- 10, This is one of my favorites, Lyrics and music go so well!
6.-A bit more of You.- 8
7.-Can´t stop thinking about you, 8,
8.-Tired of Midnightblues.- 8
9.-Grey Cloudy lies.- 8
10.-His name is legs(Ladies and Gentlemen).-9

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