Another Tribute Poem to George Harrison.

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Another Tribute Poem to George Harrison.

Postby Blue Sky » Thu May 29, 2003 5:48 pm

( Note to Reader:

This is a long poem so if you've got to do something then, maybe later.

A Tribute Poem to George Harrison.

In the early days I didn't keep my house clean. I kept it picked up, but it was "sleezy." So my wonderful Dad decided to make solid oak furniture, he is a MASTER CHRAFTSMAN. He made me a dining room table, so fine, instead of cutting the wood across he cut it through the middle, and then folded the leaves over, so that the wood grain would meet in the middle. My table has an image of the Immaculate Virgin on it. The very day that table had been in my place I cleaned my house, and it has been fifteen years since. I have twenty two pieces of solid oak furniture.

Out of chaos comes order, and such was my relationship with George Harrison. I met him at LAX in 1978! I knew there was somebody there whom I knew. I always remember a person's eyes. I saw George there and looked at him, he was looking for Jesus. Out of chaos comes order. It took a long time, but it eventually became to be known to George that Jesus is inside of you. Where is Jesus? Jesus is inside of you!

George taught me how to smile. It found me employment, the people at work said my smile is worth a million dollars. Take your hand and pinch your cheek! Take your hand and pinch your lip! EXPLICATE THESE DYNAMIC TWO! I was in a short film that someone had taken for a class, and I DID this. When they showed it to the audience at the end of the semester, EVERYBODY SCREAMED! Thank you George for teaching me how to smile, it went far.

One thing I know. George is a real man. He had millions of dollars. Every penny he had, every penny, stood up tall for the same thing. The total sum of all the pennies standing up made a greater statement, and is object to, any of the parts. George was the tallest man, as tall as a skyscraper, but I meditate outside, I'm as tall as the sky.

George was skinny, more than six feet tall. He was extremely handsome. He had his hair black layer cut in an upside down waterfall. He looked at me close, he was a PERSON. I could tell immediately that he was loving and kind. However, as always, I laugh at the face of death. George did too! I couldn't help but look down. George had a big fat ten inch dark brown " -- ."

The Times.

Did you know, know that, all thoughts are music and rhyme? I played George the floor harp before he died. It was the symmetry group and the substitution group, the river of my soul was flowing. ALL OF THOSE SONGS! They carried me through the depression of living in too dark a place, like a dear friend.

But the times, you know? George prayed for me. It was the times before the table. This caused a massive amount of empowerment, George's prayer came true. It saves my life every day I'm alive. Thank you George. There was another great man playing right next to him, he was praying too, his friend, I thank you vehemently too.

And then I moved to my wonderful house seven years tall. The crime went down eighty percent. I had two wonderful lawns and solid oak furniture. I began to meditate outside. But the sunshine! It took on logarithmically, slowly. It took away ninety percent of my problems. My Zen master says the highest meditation is to experience experiencing sunshine.

"Sunshine -- -- -- -- yea."

"Sunshine -- -- -- -- yea."

"Sunshine -- -- -- -- yea."

"Sunshine -- -- -- -- yea."

"Look at all this sunshine! Trippin' across my mind! All these colours I know! Changing everything in my soul! Changing the whole universe above! Changing me into love!

( What's my favorite George Harrison song? While My Guitar Gently Weeps. You see, reader, I suffered through child abuse. It's too deep for anybody to get a handle on. But anyway. "I went for a walk on a winter's day." I went up to the mountains to learn how to do Shikan - Taza from Dharma Spring. The hate for my brother is going to die. If I die anyway, then so be it. However, maybe a baby will be borne, I don't know. I manifest the transitions of my breath. )

George was the kindest man I've ever seen. His thoughts were so pristine. He was kind in thoughts actions and deeds, those pence all stood up for kindness and sincerity. All those who saw him were thrown into wonder with his kindness. The love in him was the Heart - Buddha. George was not enlightened, but close. George was close to enlightenment.

My Prayers for George.

"Oh Lord, bless my enemies, so that I too, may be blessed. I wish George to be blessed in every way possible. I wish George to be blessed. We all every one, have our own ideas about death. ALL of them by Buddhists are treated with the utmost respect. I won't tell you where George is right now, but I'll tell you where he was:

"Up, above, in the mountains, there's this field, with all the tall grass growing, golden, reaching towards the sun, gently swaying they flow. And a stream tumbles down, rumbling and tumbling, the notes sound soft and low. With fish swimming in the eddy currents, rumbling and tumbling the waters flow. This is where George Harrison is, this is where he will go. A fisherman casts forth his fly and catches the fish! This is enlightenment, death is enlightenment, Jesus is inside of us high and low. Good bye, wonderful George Harrison, you were beautiful and wonderful, some day I will follow, glory be to your heart and soul!"

There's this one thing about death. I heard it from a late show where these ladies chanted. The say, after death you go with the people you love. Maybe George is John Lennon's son. Maybe somebody will be his brother, or, I hope, he will be his father. I hope the same is true with me. I love him vehemently, even after death. Maybe somebody's wife is somebody's mother, I don't know.

… And now something that might make you cry. George was looking for Jesus. That's what lonely people do. George was lonely …

It has been raining in Albuquerque New Mexico all of last night and today. The drops meld onto my pitched roof into a sea of protoplasmic wet. The notes of the drops dancing on my awning window's sheen sound blue and charcoal in cacophony, making first one, then many notes, but all from the same low note in the sky. Above all things, I wish George Harrison peace. Maybe peace is in the universe, the one essential constant permeating everything in it's path, I don't know.

And now, it's time to close this poem. I've been crying for the past ten minutes, I love him so. In the early days girls would write to George, and then cry all over the letter. These are slightly different tears. A real man is not afraid to cry. And so I say "Thank you George."

"George, thank you I'm alive. And that I can eat, shave, sweep and thank you that I have a house. Thank you for the sunshine, and the grass, and my family. Thank you George for your love, your kindness your common sense, and your Buddhism. Thank you George for my brother, my friends. Thank you for saving my life. Thank you for teaching me everything, stand up tall and nip problems in the bud. Thank you George for loving and kind thoughts, actions and deeds. Thank you George for each new April pristine morning's dawn. And now I look as deeply as the earth or the stars or the tide, and know I still love you.

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