Found George Harrison radio interview on reel to reel.

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Found George Harrison radio interview on reel to reel.

Postby Ben » Mon Dec 20, 2010 12:48 am

Hi everyone,

I recently acquired some reel to reel tape machines from an old Hippy as I needed the spare parts for my tape machines. He threw in about 300 reels of tape. I was trolling through the tapes for about 6 months before I came across another blank unlabelled reel.

I spooled it up and listened to see what was on it. I found a recording of a radio broadcast of an interview with George Harrison from around early 1970s? 1971 or 1972? or so. It is hard to nail down an exact date for it. It goes for over an hour and covers the release of his then new album "All things must pass".
George talks to the announcer about his new songs, the court case over "My sweet Lord" with comments on court proceedings, the formation and planning of Dark Horse records, philosophy, drugs, religion and the Beatles breakup and possible reunion plans.

They play several tracks from the upcoming album interdispered with conversation.
I cannot find this interview listed anywhere in archives, transcripts, lists or any other database.
I am in Australia, I do not know from where the tape originated.
It is mono, but in good condition and still plays well.

Is anyone familiar with this interview?
Has anyone ever heard it before?

If anyone has any information on it could they please contact me? at
Thanks, Ben.
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