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Postby Aujouret » Sat Nov 16, 2002 5:27 am

quote:Originally posted by nicholeantoinette
quote:Originally posted by 40Intrepid
I think its too late to ban guns now! How will we get rid of the millions of unregistered guns in circulation already? what about guns that have historical value? are we realy going to throw a
Revolutionary War musket into the furnace when we ban guns?

*When* we ban guns...I really like the sound of that. And you bring up an excellent, practical questions.

I think this ideal becomes reality when humans evolve a bit more than we already have. Then, we'll *want* to relinquish them. And what to do w/ them? I don't know...melt them down and sculpt a monument to John, how 'bout?

I hate guns. Wouldn't touch one. I hate anything that kills, though, being an old veg. Banning guns wouldn't stop murders. They still have murders in the UK, but I think it would help a bit if they were banned. But, fat chance in this country. The gun lobby is very powerful. I can't say that I would like another monument to John. John has been falsely deified enough already and I don't think he would approve. Too much like Elvis. I don't like the ugly statues that have been made of him since he was murdered. I've seen so many. Gross.
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