Statement from Julian Lennon on the 25th anniversary of John

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Statement from Julian Lennon on the 25th anniversary of John

Postby I am the Paulrus » Mon Sep 19, 2005 6:07 pm

Statement from Julian Lennon on the 25th anniversary of John Lennon’s

Mon, 19 Sep 2005

As the anniversary of Dad’s death approaches, I have, inevitably, started
receiving many requests for interviews. I am not going to give any
interviews on the subject; I genuinely feel that I have talked about Dad
enough. But I do appreciate the enormous interest people have in my
father and his legacy and so, in lieu of interviews, I am going to say
just this:

“Dad was a great talent whose music and ideals are an inspiration to
millions. Yet I have always had very mixed feelings about Dad. He was the
father I loved who let me down in so many ways. Who knows how our
relationship might have developed if he had not been murdered … it’s
painful to think that his early death robbed me of the chance for us to
know each other better. What can never be taken away are his words and
music, that’s his legacy for me. It’s in my blood for a start. Like Dad
I became a musician too, and as with many other artistes in this world his
words and music continue to influence me today and probably forever more.”

Also, I can direct you to two projects to which I have made a
contribution. First, Mum’s book. As you probably know by now, Mum has
written a biography about Dad and her time with him and I have provided
the Foreword. I am immensely proud of her achievement – it’s an honest and
truthful account of the ten years they shared together – half his adult
life! I recommend this book to anyone who wants to know the truth, the
real truth about Dad and his life with Mum. The book is called ‘John’ and
is published on 26 September 2005.

And the second is a TV profile of Dad which will transmit on BBC
Television in October. I very, very rarely take part in shows like this
but I was impressed with the integrity of the company who are making it
for the BBC and their commitment to making it a balanced and thoughtful

I expect there will be lots of other programmes and profiles commemorating
and celebrating Dad on and around 8 December … for Mum and me that day
will be one of private remembrance.

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