Songs that John are Jealous on Paul.

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Postby King_Monkey! » Wed Sep 21, 2005 2:05 pm

McCartney claims the below songs were collaborations. 50/50 more or less! They are quite big Lennon songs, which he is claiming a lot of credit on. Maybe this is perfectly justified also. I am sure there are more examples!

In My Life
Norwegian Wood
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds ( not sure of the percentage on Lucy)
If I fell ( not sure of percentage buts says co-witten )
The Benefit Of Mr Kite

Should we add the above to McCartneys huge catolog of hits if they are as much his as Lennons ? Not really as he also classes them as Lennon/Beatle songs otherwise he would sing them live - still they are big claims on some of Lennons best works from various 'Beatle periods!'......Even on songs like "Help" another 'big' Lennon song he claims something like 30%!!! Quite a few like that :wink: I'm not saying he is claiming too much credit just pointing out some interesting insights.
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Postby Harrythebannister » Sun Jul 15, 2007 8:16 pm

They were both envious of each other! That's why they spurred each other on to write such masterpieces!

I reckon Lennon would have loved to have had a hand in Helter Skelter!!!!
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