what would you do?

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what would you do?

Postby chris » Sun Oct 12, 2008 2:42 pm

another philosophical question of the day...

you are a proud civilian. doing what you do to keep up with the bills. some months are better than others, but you keep sludging away because, quite frankly, not sending your mortgage payment in is not really an option. you struggle every day to keep the kids fed and sheltered. this is the hand you are dealt in life. you get no pity from others, as they each are dealing with their own battle with life's funny scenarios. god knows things could be better. maybe much better. but you fight on...because this is the life you have chosen.

to get your mind off things, you stroll through a wooded area...you spot a small crashed aircraft. there are no survivors. you notice right away there are duffle bags of cash all around the plane. and wrapped kilos of drugs. clearly, the aircraft was owned by drug runners smuggling money and drugs into or out of the country. no one is around. the plane had not been reported as downed.

what do you do? do you report the downed plane to the authorities? there are dead people in the plane, after all. they may have even been bad people...but do they deserve to rot away like this? they have parents. they may have had children. do they deserve a proper burrial? should the crash be reported?

if you did report the crash...the money is gone for good. or is it? its a lot of money to give up...but maybe there is a reward. do you keep some of the money? do you keep all of it? has the money been marked in some way by federal authorities? if you took some or all of the money...can you get caught with it? could you live with yourself happily spending drug money, even if its for a good cause, like feeding and clothing your family? what do you do?

what about the drugs? could generate it into a lot of cash if you knew the right people. but do you want to be affiliated with these kind of people?

one thing for sure. you will not be the only one who knows about the plane for long. someone, surely, must have seen it coming down. did it make a lot of noise? was there a lot of smoke? who else knows about this? can i really be the only one? is that a crack in the woods? is someone coming? time is running short. a decision has to be made right now. ask yourself...what would you do?
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Re: what would you do?

Postby mr h atom » Tue Oct 14, 2008 2:36 am

well...after seeing 'no country for old men'...i'd turn and run as fast as i can far, far away !

'cause that dude with the airgun thingee...?

Per-SIS-tant !!

i could rub salt in the wounds and say, i'd use the money to buy a time machine, go back a week or two, and feed the drugs to some national league baseball team, not-from-chitown, ...but....y'know...that wouldn't be kind...

bein' the paranoid sumbeech i sometimes be: i'm not sure how i'd react if i felt pressure...however, if it was clear there was no one around, i'd prob take the $$, go down the road, use a public phone, call the police, and high tail it.

got no use for the drugs, let the federalies handle that...

as for would i then actually USE any of the money...well...if i had even a moment to think about it: probably not....i don't owe that much, BUT there are literally a ton of good causes that i would gladly distribute the $$ to...literally and honestly: i save all my change each year, i use about 1/4 of it over labor day, driving around, throwing it strange mens boots....the other 3/4 i carry with me all christmas season, so i can always toss something in those little red pots; heck...i spent 3 or 4 halloween as a tyke, carrying that little orange box for unicef (remember those)

but i'm also not so incoherent to know that, if i didn't allow myself time to breathe, i could see myself paying what little we owe, and getting my kids out of college tuition-hock: that's the largest sum any of us have out there.

there is also a very large part of me that would be just as willing to light the whole dang'd thing up, and let no one have any of it....
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Re: what would you do?

Postby james1985 » Tue Oct 14, 2008 9:54 am

mr h atom wrote:well...after seeing 'no country for old men'...i'd turn and run as fast as i can far, far away !

'cause that dude with the airgun thingee...?

Per-SIS-tant !!

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