Im back...alot has happened

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Im back...alot has happened

Postby DeRick » Thu Dec 20, 2007 1:07 pm

My stepdad passed away a little over a month ago. Its strange, i never really got on with him. He was a diabetic and when the docs gave up and hospice moves in, it was like George Harrison in Nov 2001 and Linda McC in March/April 1998.
He was always putin me down because of my disability he sincerly believed that because of my "syd Barret" aspergers type of "illness" no woman could ever look at me as more than a friend and i could never be independant. And he kept pressing that upon me untill......the day before he passed, he knew he was nearing the end and everything he told me that day was in complete contrast. He said he was sorry for being so hard and he really saw me "grow in Christ" the past couple years. Something i needed to hear a while back.
And also my church is going through strife, my pastor left under "mystrous" circumstances. And there seems to be even more strife in my church. But now im back & ready to "function" again.
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Re: Im back...alot has happened

Postby mervap » Thu Dec 20, 2007 4:58 pm

Glad to see you back, De....sorry to hear about your stepdad. At least at the end he saw you truly and told you so.
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