Dylans new album - a dark masterpiece

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Dylans new album - a dark masterpiece

Postby mhnso » Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:24 am

Tempest - the new album from Dylan is heralded as a great album by most reviewers(some rank it amonh his best), sells like anything - nr one worldwide and creates some controversy because it s dark lyrics and Dylans new amusing Rollings Stone interview where he among other call some of his critics pussies and m-fu-s that should rot in hell. Not bad for a 72 year old man indeed.
Behind all that hoopla there is -in my opinion - a truly great album Dylan has delivered - actually I wouldn t hesitate to call it a masterpiece . Dylans voice that these days are a train wreck works great. That is because he knows how to use it, he knows how to phrase. The songs are sometimes very long, sometimes very strange and most all the time dark as h-l. There are a lot of blood shed n this album. But there is a purpose in the grim storytelling - on this album Dylan has written some of his best lyrics for a very long time. Violent, funny, deadly serious and absolutely amazing stuff.
Musically he actually has been writing some very nice melodies. He is backed by his tourband for many years and David Hidalho frpm Los Lobos who create an absolutely gorgeous sound. One has to listen carefully to hear the nuances .
This album is a real keeper for the ages and I hope it will challenge Paul to outdo himself. Ecspecially since the last song on Tempest is Roll on John -a stunning tribute to John Lennon that mixes Beatleslyrics with William Blake
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