I need your help

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I need your help

Postby JimmyMcCullochFan » Fri Jun 05, 2009 10:06 pm

Here's the deal. One of my favorite artists has the opportunity to tour the world with his band and since I'd love to see him do that, I thought I'd ask everybody here if they wouldn't mind taking a minute to help out. Here's the message that he sent me this morning that tells you what to do.

Dear Paul,

We have an opportunity to TOUR THE WORLD and you can help us... what will you get in return? FREE MUSIC...

Here's the deal. Diesel Clothing is putting 2 bands on a 12 city global tour.
Cities include Paris, Madrid, London, Tokyo, Helsinki and New York; before ending in Miami in November.

Here is the help we need: We have an artist page on the Diesel website and we need your votes. However, in order to vote, you have to join their website.
I know ... I know ... who needs another social network? But, in return for your time and effort, we've made all of our songs on the Diesel site FREE DOWNLOADS.

Cut and paste the link below and join the Diesel online community: (Make sure you click the little thumbs up icon on our songs)

So use an old email that you don't check anymore, but join their site and vote for us.
This is an amazing opportunity and we absolutely can't do it without you.

Thank you so much for your support!


So please help Thom out. It'd mean a lot.


Thanks :smile:
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