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    Young BoyCopyright © 1997 MPL Communications 

    Young Boy Copyright © 1997 MPL Communications, Inc. 
"This was another one written aginst the clock. I wrote it in the time that it took Linda to cook a lunch for a feature in The New York Times. It was great to renew my sixties friendship with Steve Miller; working with Steve again was like falling back into an old habit" 
The first single release of Paul's soon to be released 'Flaming Pie'. This song was first played in the UK and was released at the end of April. If this is any indication this should be a very enjoyable album to listen to. Paul has said he wrote the song in a two hour period while waiting for Linda at a cooking engagement. The song is very Paul, for you musicians, the chords are C, Am, Em, a little F, G in the verse.  
If I may make a few personal comments about the single. There is a heavy acoustic guitar all throughout, double tracked in parts with very neat guitar licks at the intro and poping up throughout the song. The chorus builds you up to the lead guitar and yes a double lead lick, WOW. Paul's bass playing is kind of like the bouncy bass in Another Day. Paul sings in a clean ballad voice, no straining or any signs of his decades in this business. In fact it's kind of Rubber Soulish actually.  I love the lead guitar work it's is absolutely precious and it looks like Steve Miller plays the lead guitar. I can't wait to start performing this song live. It will be performed by the 2 of Us at our next gig you can count on that.  If you have a 14.4 or 28.8 modem with Real Audio 2.0 you will hear just a 30sec. sample of the song. You will need to download real player to here the full version of the song.
The verdict is I like this song from the strumming of the C chord that leads into a double guitar lick all the way to the last line in the song, "And love will come lookin for you" Hear that low harmony, sounds VERY PAUL This song is just what my ears have been itching to listen to. Yes Paul is very guilty of writing another wonderful song.  I try not to be bias but the tune is so catchy. Good work!
I have scanned the inside cover of the UK release CD-1 or CD-2.

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