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    Paul McCartney's  
    Flaming Pie       
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    Please note the following: Because of the overwhelming demand , the real audio server is being very heavily taxed, you may have to try at different times of the day. I must add more streams to the server. This is a not-for-profit site and is intended give new and old Paul McCartney and Beatle fans access to some on-line audio content. For something that was put up for fun a lot of people are coming to this site. If you get an error message, the server is busy playing the song for other people and you will have to wait your turn. Please don't listen too many times let others get in and give them a chance to listen. If you are using a 14.4 modem, gee you can get a 33.6 modem for under $100 from most any computer store, thats 3 times the speed. Get with it eh? 
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      Looking For YouCopyright © 1997 MPL Communications 
      Looking For You 
      This song is on the Young Boy CD single from Paul's soon to be released 'Flaming Pie'. Please listen just once, let other people listen too.

Young Boy
The World Tonight
Looking For You
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